2012 Miles

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Recap 7/3-7/9

This week was much better than last and ended with a great run. I am not officially registered for the marathon so I need to do that for a little extra motivation. I have also been reading a great running book (which I will review later) and that helped towards the end of the week. Week looked like this:

Sunday: the 12 miler than was a redo from the Saturday flop
Monday: the 5K in 24:00 with the family
Tuesday: 5 mile run and Shred with Weights 1
Wednesday: 5 mile run (slow outside) and Shred with Weights 1
Thursday: 5 mile run (39:39!) and Shred with Weights 2
Friday: REST
Saturday: 12 mile run @ 8:37 pace!

Saturday's run was great! First off I rested on Friday and that left me with much fresher legs going into the run. Also a younger member of our Bourbon Chase team was there and our 8:33 for the first 6 miles was like a walk for him : ) I let him continue on at the halfway mark and touched based with 2 more Bourbon Chase runners that were running that morning as well. I decided to keep going fast and see how long I could hold it. I definitely slipped a little but caught myself and picked it up for an 8:37 finish. My usual running partner was there and had a great run as well!

Next week we bump it up to 14 miles : ) Going to try to keep my week miles up until school start since it will be harder once I am working again. I am also loving the Shred video and think the strength training is paying off. Guess all those famous runners and Runner's World people know what they are talking about after all.


  1. September is a long way till the next race, I think you want to do a duathlon with your fancy new bike

  2. Thanks so much for the kind comment about tackling those 15+ milers! Your week of running looks awesome!