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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Running Purchases

I purchased 4 new running items this week and only 1 has worked so far!
1: I bought a Road ID just like the one above and it is great. After my heat scare I decided it would be a wise investment. It fits great and I will not mind running in it at all.
2: I bought new running shoes. SAME shoe I have bought 6 times and ran hundreds of miles in but this time it gives me blisters on the back of my heel. Going to send it back and possibly shop for a new style. BUT I really love my Saucony Grid Ignitions. They are a neutral shoe and hug my foot just right. I am looking into Brooks but they never seem to feel right when I try them on. I hate to run in them a few times and realize they are not any better.
3: I bought an Under Armour Victory Tank which is my go to running shirt. I own 3 of them and love them. However, I noticed they had added some vents to the shirt. Well not only did they add vents but they added some ribbing that made it look like a glorified wife beater : ( I opened it, looked at it and immediately stuck it back in the bag.
4: I bought some Saucony PE Revival shorts on sale in a black/pink color and the color was horrible! Love those shorts but regardless of how cheap they were I could not wear that shade of pink.

SO I am back on the hunt for a new running shoe (same brand or new brand????) and a marathon outfit.


  1. oh, so disappointing..I love new running stuff and hate returning new running stuff. Do you have a running store near you that you can try different shoes? If not maybe try the same shoe and hope it was just a manufacturing issue with that one pair :)

  2. I LOVE the colors on those Sauconys! so sorry they aren't working for you! LOL about the shade of pink on the shorts!!