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Monday, July 18, 2011

Going Long Book Review

I typically do not buy books because I read pretty fast and never reread books. But I was in serious need of something to read and some motivation in the running department. I grabbed this book because it sounded interesting, was long and had good reviews. It is a collection of the best stories from Runner's World. I have not subscribed to Runner's World for long so I was not familiar with any of the stories. All of the stories were short and I was able to read 3-5 depending on how long Parker napped. Each story was motivating in it's own way. The first section is able people that have overcame major obstacles/setbacks. Nothing like reading about someone running on one leg to make you shut it up when you are a little tired. There were a few stories and the running greats. This was interesting for me since I am new to the running world and I was able to learn about some famous runners. Most people I heard the name but I did not know all the details. I definitely felt more motivated to run and inspired. This is a great read and I highly suggested it to anyone; even if you are not a runner.

* I was not asked to review this book or was this book purchased for me.


  1. First, when I saw your blog title, I was a little surprised, because there is a long course tri book called Going Long by Gordo Byrn, which is also good, but I thinking, "Is she going to do long course triathlons!!!" Got excited and clicked your blog open and saw its a completely different book.