2012 Miles

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Recap 7/10-7/16

Going to make this short and sweet!

Sunday: 1.5 mile run and Shred 1
Monday: 5 mile run and Shred 2 (forgot to write down time)
Tuesday: 6 mile run 57:34; heat index of 106! First time I ever thought I was having a heat stroke
Wednesday: 5 mile run and Shred 1; did speed work but didn't keep track of time
Thursday: 3 mile run and abs
Friday: rest minus doing Shred 1
Saturday: 14 mile run at 8:44 pace

All in all it was a good week and happy that I was able to get my total miles to over 30 miles this week. Going to try to keep it there from now until marathon time. This week felt overall great but I am beginning to feel the beating running takes on you. There are joints that hurt that never hurt before. I do not feel injured in any way shape or form but I feel like an 80 year old : ) But on the other end I feel the fittest I have felt in a long time. Hoping to have a great next 2 weeks because then it is Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho Back to Work I Go!


  1. 106!!!! YIKES! That's miserable!!! Great job on your workouts/runs this week! Have a great week back at work! :0)

  2. We have the heat wave too

    Nice week

    I feel fit this year, just freaking slow, it sucks