2012 Miles

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trying to be Optimistic

Past few weeks of training:
Cut two longs runs short (dead tired and belly issues)
Continue to have belly issues during even short runs
Realize there are SERIOUS HILLS at Atlanta
Forecast is upper 70s for race day
I fall and hurt my knee, bruise elbow, jam finger and cut hand
Ran my 20 miler the weekend before the race

So I am going to great, right, RIGHT?!??! Okay honestly I have been going into this race as a training fun the whole time. I would like to keep sub 4 pace for as long as possible and then stop killing myself and bring it in strong without setting back my next round of training. I have sub 4 on the radar for Derby on April 28th. Granted I would take a sub 4 marathon any day of the week but I am just not feeling it for Atlanta. But I was also not feeling West Virginia and ran a strong 4:03 there. So either way I am just going to hold out for a good weekend in a new city and make the best of it!

See everyone after I am finished in Atlanta! Hoping it is not a personal worst : ) I think that should be my main goal. Which is anything better than 4:27 so that is semi doable unless the heats and hills decided to taking a beating on me. Anyone know where my sunscreen is?


  1. Oh I hope your knee feels better. Yes you will do great, just don't do any more long runs this week! I should be trying to find my sunscreen too with as warm as it is starting to be.

    Good luck!