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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"I'm a Survivor"

Lots of people always ask about music and what to listen to while running. Well I have always liked old rap and cheesy chic music (i.e. Brittney Spears Womanizer) But the one song that gets me through at the end of a long run is Destiny's Child's "I'm a Survivor". There is something about that song that just helps me through the pain and desire to stop. Because all of you know if you stop and walk you are so mad at the end that you let yourself walk. Well today was a rough run. Kris was having nutrition issues; she just had braces put on and was a little weak from her soft diet. My IT band/knee issue was acting up as usual. So the three of us (we had an extra today) decided to just finish on our own. I stopped walked about two tenths and decided "Oh hell No! I am NOT walking this out". I had about a mile and half to go. So I was lucky that I had my iPod in my pocket. I found my running playlist scrolled down to MY song and picked up the pace. I was back at about a 10:15 pace and decided I was not slowing down until I saw 8.0 miles on my Garmin. Kris and I often do fartleks at the end of our runs so my body is used to the pick up the pace attitude at the end.

This brings me to another obstacle "Personal Demons" while running. Mine is O'Hara Drive in Green Acres subdivision. It is a straight stretch that falls in the last 1-2 miles of our runs. I hate that road! My knee always acts up on the road and I swear I tense up as soon as I turn onto it. It isn't even a rough area, perfectly flat and straight plus you get to run downhill not to long after you turn off it. But I do not like that road. But Destiny's Child was there to get me through. : )

Couple questions for any of you runners out there:

1. What song(s) gets you to the end?

2. Do you have any Personal Demons that get in the way of running?

3. What is up with my knee? Sharp, tightening pain start on the left outside of my knee about 4 to 5 miles in. By mile 7 it is more than annoying and is enough to cause me to walk every now and then. Anything close to 10 and I want to cry. It start to creep up my thigh and today I felt it in my hip. I was thinking it was the cold but today it was not cold. Could it be my IT band? I stretch and I ice but am open to suggestions : )

~ Twila


  1. 1. I don't have any songs yet... Might need to find some! I'm A Survivor sounds like a good one to get you through to the end. I'd probably put Christina Aguilera "Fighter" in mine. And, I <3 Britney, even when I'm not running ;)

    2. I still struggle with the mind over matter part of running, I know if I could get over thinking "I can't" then I CAN! My first mile and a half to two miles are the hardest for me. After that, when I'm feeling like I'm getting close to three, I think oh, one more is nothing, and then by the time I hit four, I'm thinking I could totally do more.

    3. Sorry about your knee. I just posted a bunch of ?s about my thigh. Wish I knew what to tell you. Have you tried a foam roller on you IT band? Hope you can figure it out and find some relief!

  2. 1 - I love that DC song too, but also Lose Yourself by Eminem does it for me.

    2. Hills kill me, I give up a lt of time before I even start on them

    3. It does sound like the IT band, but I would ask a professional for sure.