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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running Tattoo

I did it! I have been wanting a new tattoo forever! When I was running in Cleveland I told myself if I broke 4:15:00 I could get in done. I had already had the idea of a dragonfly and putting in the wings "Run" and "26.2". My talented hubby drew the tattoo up after I had researched some designs I liked. The little blue flower is similar to the blooms in hydrangeas which were our wedding flowers. We secured a babysitter for Saturday and inked it up. I already have a tattoo on my left foot so I was not worried at all. Well I mush have had more fat on my foot or something the last time because this one HURT! Not the usual annoying/vibrating feeling but flat out painful : ( It took about 25 minutes and he stopped a couple times in between the more painful parts but it was rough. However I will be back in a few weeks to add a second flower to balance it out some more AND the point between the 26 and 2 is pretty much invisible. Good thing that will only take a few minutes. Bad news is I can not run for a few days because the sock rubbing on my foot would not help with healing. I can bike but I have to wrap my foot in cling wrap. Hoping the swelling and itching is down and I can run again on Tuesday.

This is my other tattoo that I have had for a little over 2 years. The flower is an Aster Daisy which is the birth flower for the month of September which is Scott and Parker's birth month. Parker's name is Parker Scott and my hubby is a Scott. If you look at the vines you will notice that one is a "P" and one is a "S".

Anyone else have tattoos? What about tattoos related to running or their sport??


  1. No tattoos for me! I'm way chicken! lol I've heard that tattoos on the top of the foot hurt really bad! Love yours-and the 26.2 is super cute! :0)

  2. My friend Michelle (that you met) has some really cool wings on her ankle, I might just copy them someday.

  3. I have 3 tattoos...on my right hip, right ankle, and left shoulder. Love yours!!!

  4. I heard it hurts alot on the top of the foot. I like yours for you

  5. how awesome! i love that your husband drew the design, that would make it extra special to me!