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Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Long Run

My last long run went GREAT! Feels so good to finally say that. The weather was perfect and my legs were perfect. I maintained a 9:36 pace and honestly felt great minus some stomach issues. Last week I commented that I channeled my SUAR by having to make a beeline for the potty and she commented back saying "if I made it then I wasn't channeling her" well.... lets just say me and a tree line are a little closer than I would like to be! First time for everything! The worst part was no traveling with toilet paper. Guess I know what I will be adding to my Go-Belt!
When I finished I felt like I could do more and wanted to take back off at make it 22 or 24 but my belly was rumbling again so I headed home. I was able to get in some more calorie burn by mowing the yard and starting to work on the front porch. I rewarded myself with some Saul Good and Orange Leaf with good friends Jeremy and Crystal!

Tonight I knocked out a 5k on the treadmill at 23:46 and I anxious to try it out on the road before a 5K on Saturday. I am not going to run 5Ks this season for financial reasons but the Jennie Carol Memorial Run is a special event for many reasons:

1. Jennie Carol was a local teacher and runner that passed away a few years ago after she ran the Derby marathon in Louisville. She passed away that weekend after getting choked at dinner. I did not know her personally but know many people that did and heard wonderful things about her.

2. The run supports Backpack for Kids that sends many local students home with a backpack of food for the weekend.

3. I was 8 months post baby when I decided to do a 5k just for fun and ended up TRYING to run while I was there. I finished in like 42 minutes and felt like death afterwards! Was completely disgusted with my post baby fitness level and decided to take on running. Look at me now : ) I plan to always participate in this race since it was my first and is proof of what hard work can do!


  1. woo hoo! good luck on saturday! i am going to have to start carrying tp too! :(

  2. :) it's definitely nice to have that moment or race to look back on that changed your perspective on running! yay for a good long run!

  3. Good luck Saturday!!!

    I have yet to go back to my first race ever, I dunno why, it was a disaster of a race, most first races are, but it was the beginning that lead me to many others.