2012 Miles

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Didn't Get In ....... YES!


We're sorry, Twila You have not been selected.

Which I am super excited about! I just entered for knocking off a year of the lottery entry! I do not have the money or the desire to hit New York next year. I have some other tentative fall plans that I am pretty excited about. Is it the 3rd year you get in OR after 3 years of not getting in??? I was shocked at how many people get in on their first try. I have read the odds are 1 out 9 which was making me sweat a little. Hoping to hold off on New York for a couple more years. I want to be a little more seasoned before I tackle that big of a race. I would also love it if I would get it the same year someone else I know gets it. Who out there enters the lottery?

Sorry to all the people I have not been talking to on their blogs. I have been stalking you as usual just not commenting. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Marathon #3 is coming up so I have been a good girl this week and getting in some really good workout. I have been knocking out some sub 24 minute 5Ks and keeping my 5 mile runs under 45 minutes. Tomorrow I get to run 8 miles outside! Always a rare treat to get to run outside : )

Hopefully my next blog is about an awesome 20-22 mile run! Looks like the rain and tornados will be gone after tonight.


  1. My friend (the one who got the GU) got in. We are running Nashville this weekend...her the full, me and my friend, Andrea, the half. She entered it at a friend's request...and she was the only one to get in. Her friend is so disappointed and Maria is shocked. Just last month she said she was one and done. Now it looks like that is not going to happen. NYC is on my life list to run but I didn't do the lottery bc I didn't want to do it alone. But now I am so bummed.

    Oh...and I think 3 no entries means you can run the 4th year. Or that's my interpretation.

  2. hahahaa... that's the same as me! i entered the lottery but wasn't really wanting to get in this year, just starting the rejection process so i can do it later HAHA... i have to admit tho, i was a little jealous when people started posting that they did get in!

  3. Glad the rain is going away!! :0) Sorry about NYM - I haven't heard of one person getting into the race yet! Everyone I've seen talking about it says they didn't get in!

  4. Your the 4th person I heard that was glad they didnt get in.

    Nice running