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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Running Day and Fears

This picture does not do justice for the view but today was BEAUTIFUL! Most of you know I rarely get to run outside (minus Saturdays) so today was extra special. My mom had Parker so I could go get my haircut and have some "me" time since I have been on house arrest to potty train all week! Parker took a late nap so I came home and went for a run in the 70+ degree weather. It was hot! As in I was sweating, thirsty and got a small sunburn. I ran towards the lake to get in some good hill work. The hills are brutal. BUT I love pushing thru and I always feel accomplished when I get done. I was able to maintain a 9:34 pace for the 8 miles which is so-so. I was not prepared for how hot I was going to get and had no fluids : ( Not a good idea.
I stopped on one hill to do some stretching and relax for a minute. It was so peaceful being up on the cliff over looking the lake.
Here is where the fear comes in; running over bridges. I HATE running on bridges more than anything. Especially this bridge. I seriously run down the middle of the road and pray for no cars to come. I have had nightmares about bridges and one with a pirate ship obstacle course thing. The funniest was in the nightmare the obstacle was you had to pee in front of someone in public Which is NOT a fear of mine. Random I know : )

Fear of Bridges = Gephyrophobia
Anyone else having running fears??? or just other funny fears; like my fear of slides!


  1. Ha...that's so funny you typed this today...I ran 4 at lunch and took a new route, which took me over a bridge in Frankfort called the "singing bridge." The actual bridge is made of steel, I guess, all weaved together (I'm not explaining it well)...you can see the water through the small holes and it vibrates and makes a noise as you drive over it. I found out today that it also vibrates and shakes when you are running on it and a car is going over it. The shaking completely freaked me out. I told my husband that today was the first, second, next to last and last time I ever went over that bridge :). Usually not scared of bridges though...but might be now.

    Other than that I'm scared of snakes and most ugly bugs :).

  2. We are suppose to be in the 70's this weekend, I will be out

    Nice views of the run

    Usually I love descents on the bike, fearless, loss flying down a hill at 30+ mph, but on Wednesday I got scared and feathered the breaks, weird, maybe its just because I havent been outdoors much this year.