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Sunday, April 24, 2011

20 Miles in Jinxed

Flashback to my last marathon: Grandfather passed away a couple days before 20 milers; did it on treadmill then the stomach plagued me for almost a week killing my second attempt at a 20 miler.

Back to present time : ) Friday night all was good for the 20 miler and actually looking forward to it. It all went downhill at 3 a.m. I am going to run through the craptastic attempt at 20 miles pretty quick. 3 am tornado sirens sent us to the basement with 2 year old in hand. Lack of sleep. Up at 6 am to try to run anyway but quickly turned around when lightning picked up. Hopped on treadmill for 5 miles but my foot hurt and the family was distracting me. Went outside. Small Monsoon hit. Went into house and husband told me AC was broken and he needed to go to town. Was at mile 11ish. Tried to hop on treadmill but the little man was having no part of that. I called it quits and I am thinking it was 11 miles for the day.
We had plans to go to Lexington for some Easter errands so even though it cleared off I was not going to ruin anymore of our day with an attempt to run.

Sunday: full intentions of getting up at 5:30 am to knock out my needed 10 more miles to make it a solid 20 mile weeks. Tornado sirens again at 3:00 am; back to to the basement. Then it was Easter breakfast, Easter service at church and Easter lunch (pay attention to those 7,000 calories I ate) After hanging out with the family we came home and I decided to run at the house. 1 mile to the end and back (5 times) Mile 5.5 I was channeling by inner SUAR because I had to GO! It was the worst ever. Barely made it to the house and tried to go back out BUT those 7,000 calories of food were not working withme I was was forced to shut it down a little short of 8 miles : (
Good news is the weather for next weekend looks better! Even better news I have the cutest son EVER! I had a fabulous Easter weekend with my family and loved a moving Easter service that was a wonderful reminder of what is important in life. Jesus died so that we can live! Embrace each day fore it is a gift from above : )


  1. Definitely not a good weekend for running!! J didn't have the bathroom problem but had bad heart burn after trying to run on an Easter dinner stomach!

  2. WOW that sounds like a crazy weekend! At least you were able to get some of your run in! Better luck next weekend! lol

  3. Life curve balls, gotta love them, 19 ,miles is still 19 miles

  4. Glad you made it in time. Hope channeling me helped, although it probaby didn't b/c I don't always make it.