2012 Miles

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rocked It!

After taking an easy week after the marathon I made a new plan and decided to get focused on working out other parts of my body plus working on my running. My week went like this:

Sunday: 5 miles 43:49 8:45 pace and 30 minutes of Yoga
Monday: 5K speed work 23:32 7:35 pace and P90X Abs for 30 minutes
Tuesday: 3 mile walk and 30 minutes of Yoga
Wednesday: 5 mile run 44:48 8:57 pace 30 minute arm work and ab work
Thursday: 30 minutes Plyometric, 20 minute bike and 200 crunches
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 15 miles @ 9:14 pace! 2 hrs and 18 minutes

All in all it was a great week! The plyometrics kicked my butt. I was not that sore right away but by Friday night I was feeling it. I was worried about my long run on Saturday but it did not interfere at all. I don't think I will be doing a lot of the plyometrics because it is messing with my foot that still has a little tender spot from the marathon.

The best part of this week is my abs were sore! I hate ab work with a passion but want to wear a bikini when we go to the beach in June. I go through phases wanting to work on my abs but I never see or feel results. This week was great because the soreness makes me want to do the ab work I did this week plus some.
Next week is Spring Break so I should be able to get in plenty of run plus arms/abs. Plus lots of Yoga and stretching : ) Plyometrics is going to collect some dust next week.


  1. awesome! way to go on the long run! in a couple weeks you can come get some strength training in by moving boxes! haha!

  2. Plyometrics is my favorite P90X workout, its gets easier the more you do it, but you are right, its leaves you sore and I cant figure out where to slide into my schedule now that full on training is happening. Great offseason workout in my opinion