2012 Miles

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brief Recap

Going back to work after a week long break always puts me in a crappy mood and tired. On top of that it was "that week" (sorry guys) so that always makes working out difficult PLUS my husband is working out of town in another state and will be for a while now : ( With that being said my week looked like this:

Monday: my foot was a little sore from Sunday's 11 miler so I was smart and did not run
Tuesday: did not get home from class until super late
Wednesday: 7 mile run on the treadmill
Thursday: 2.5 mile run (Parker went to bed late)
Friday: rest as usual
Saturday: 18 mile run (9:26 pace with the last 8 @ a 9:15 pace!)
Sunday: to be determined; possibly a bike and then a walk with arm weights while I catch up on Survivor

So this week was not great but I feel like I did the best I could considering the circumstances. On tap for this week...

Sunday: bike/walk
Monday: 5 mile run
Tuesday: walk with arm weights
Wednesday: 8 mile run
Thursday: 5 mile run or bike
Friday: rest
Saturday: 20 mile run
Sunday: family bike if the weather is nice and not super duper windy

Hopefully the next post I will have something more profound to say.


  1. Sorry about your foot! I'm glad it's better!! :0) I hate going back to week afte ra vacation...it's the worst! Have a great week!! :0)

  2. THis is a new week and it will be better