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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interesting Facts about Me


So I was nominated for the style award and I get to tell 7 random things about me! Thanks BDD for the honor : )

1. I HATED to work out as a child. I refused to participate in gym and I may have over exaggerated my Mono in high school so I did not have to take my 9 week gym class. I did not want to take PE because I was SCARED run a mile. Coach Purdue look at me now!


2. I love orange flavored candy. It is a fact that today someone gave me a bag of starburst jelly beans and I ate all the orange ones by lunch time!

3. I will not sleep in an unmade bed. I can not having messed up covers tangled around my feet.

4. I have been recording reruns of 90210 since I was on Spring break last week. I am watching them like "OH MY GOSH I wonder if they break up?, will Kelly go to rehab?, will the catch Colin?" They are great for long indoor bike runs.

5. When I was pregnant I gained A LOT of weight as in close to 50 pounds or something and then after I had my 9 pound baby I walked out with 13 extra pounds due to severe water gain and post eclampsia. Check me out right before I was went into labor (27 hours might I add). Can you say motivation to not gain weight?? 50 pounds does not look good on me : )

6. I research everything. You say vacation or weekend get away and I am on Google and Mapquest like crazy. I put in hotels, malls and restaurant to plan every minute of the trip. I use Urban Spoon to look up where to eat and read the reviews. I am challenging myself to not do that when we head to the Outer Banks in June. I want to throw some beach clothes in a bag with some books and not go with an itinerary.

7. I dye my hair to go with the "season". In the fall I dye my hair reddish/brown since those are autumn colors and in the winter I go all brown since I am busy and don't have time to mess with the roots. And then close to Spring I go blonde for the Spring and Summer. I have been dying my hair since the 4th grade and could not tell you my natural color. It is possibly a light brown.

I am too lazy to do the hyperlinking to nominate : ) But I would like to see someone else do it! Thanks BDD for giving me something to do!


  1. make sure to try Duck donuts in Kitty Hawk. Ah so good, freshly made donuts right in front of you. I recommend the glazed or cinnamon and sugar ones.

  2. Thanks for playing along

    So I will let you be in charge of our relay and activities

    OK, reversal time, This Sunday, I am going to attempt my first ever half mary, freaking nervous beyond all belief. First long race that didnt involve a swim and bike and you know how much I enjoy running, any secret runners tips you have for me.

  3. I gained 50 lbs too! lol And all in the last 5 months, I didn't even know I was pregnant till month 4, oops :) Love the Outerbanks, you will have a great time even without research :D

  4. Loved all of your 7 things! :0) I don't like unmade beds, either! lol