2012 Miles

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I need to TAPER!

I am wore out! Work is mentally exhausting and leaves me with no energy to work out. This week was a hot mess of half done workouts. Some were outside, a lot inside, 3-5 miles, some Shred, some crunches and some pretending I know how to do arm workouts. Sounds like a great marathon training plan, huh??? OH WELL! Life happens.

We are in the middle of selling our house and buying another so most afternoons are spent running papers from here to there and stressing about large amounts of money : ( Which leaves me too tired to think about knocking out an awesome 6 or 8 miler in the middle of the week. Good news is the new house is in town and in my favorite running area that I currently drive to so that I can run. SO one day I might get to run outside during the week as long as Scott is home. Pretty sure you can't go run and leave your kid sleeping in the house solo.

Long run was GREAT! ummmm..... I might be lying! We posted some big numbers for sure. Like 10:40 paces : ( WHAT THE HECK?? Didn't I just run a 20 miler in 9:09. Bottom line my hips were sore, legs were tight, it was hot and we did what we could. Both of us were having a rough day and decided to talk the whole time and just finish. Well sorta I wanted to call it day and just do 16 BUT Jeremy really wanted to get in 18. GO him for talking me into it. I told myself I could have ice cream if I did all 18. We ended up with like a 9:40 pace or something like that. Basically didn't look at the watch too much because I knew we were slow and I was sick of feeling like we sucked.

Time to taper. Going to get in decent runs this week, 10 miles next weekend (hopefully my pace might start with a 8) and then I am going to give my legs a pretty good rest race week for sure. Hoping to knock out some packing tomorrow while we are home most of the day that way I am not lifting, bending and stretching a lot the days right before the race.

Those are my ramblings for the week! I still read your blogs I promise but my time on the computer is much less right now with all the house buying/selling events. Hopefully I will have pictures to share soon.


  1. a hard-earned taper is def sweet reward! enjoy! and yay for your new house being in a great area for running!

  2. yay for ice cream. i made a deal with myself if i could finish 8 at or under pace, then i wouldnt' do the last 2 on the tmill at home. it was miserable today!