2012 Miles

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fallen Off or Training my Butt off?

I am sure it looks like I have fallen off the wagon and have not been running at all BUT that is not the case I have actually been running A LOT! For the past two weeks I have ran around 45 miles each week and knocked out two strong long runs. My 18 mile run was slightly below a 9:09 pace and I was able to do 20 miles at a 9:04 pace.

This is what I want to do every day! 40 plus mile weeks are exhausting for everyone :)

What does this mean? Am I ready to kill derby? Or will I crash and burn? Honestly you never know. The weather is changing 20 degrees at a time around here and some days my body responds and some days it doesn't. In two weeks I am going to simply show up, know I am trained, rest, wear good shoes and respect the distance. All that is left is to hope for the best and leave it all on the course.

After my two very high mileage weeks I am going to do my best to drop the mileage and have a smarter taper than I did last time. No week before 20 mile runs and no zebra flats for a few days before.


  1. I'm running the Derby mini..hope the weather is great running weather for both of us! :)

  2. Great job on all your running! I can't wait to see how Derby goes for you.

    Naps are the best, I got one this week and thought I was in heaven :)