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Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Workout Plan

The word "marathon" is banned from my mouth for the next 3 months! There are not summer marathons around here and if there were they would be too HOT! I have no reason what so ever to be thinking about a marathon until August at the earliest so what will I do with my time??  While sitting on my butt and not running sounds tempting for about 5 seconds we all know that is not going to happen. Obviously I need to get stronger and toughen up a lot. I have to be ready for Tough Mudder, Bourbon Chase and a lot of marathons at the end of the fall. Time to work out some new muscles and get faster!

So I am joining a gym, working with a trainer, running shorter races and doing a tri! Here is the plan for May, June and July. I will not be going to the gym for about 2 weeks so I am not sure what the next 2 weeks will look like. Depends on when my husband starts working out of town. This is the plan once I am able to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Sunday: long bike ride with brick run
Monday: outside run/weights at gym (speed or 4-6 miles)
Tuesday: spin class/swim and for the next 6 weeks train with Erin
Wednesday: outside run/weights a (speed or 4-6 miles)
Thursday: spin class/swim and for the next 6 weeks train with Erin
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Longer run (6 - 10 miles)

Since I will start marathon training again in August I will get my Saturday runs back to 10 miles for most of June and July that way I can build from 10-12 miles pretty quick.

5Ks that I have in my sights:

May 12th: 5K for fun with some girls from work
June 9th: Run for Brass (see where I am at speed wise)
July: Haven't pick this one yet
August 11th: Railroad Days 5K (hoping for a 5K PR)

So excited to change it up a little! Looking forward to pushing my body in new ways and hoping to see some major improvements in my body, strength and time.

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  1. Wow...what an inspiring blog! Now I feel pumped to run a marathon :-) It’s not every day that I meet a fellow Lexington area blogger – small world!