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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jennie Carol 5K 2012

 Three years ago I showed up to a 5K to walk and maybe run a little because there was a race for a good cause and a local teacher who had died suddenly while celebrating finishing a half marathon the year before.  Now I am officially a "runner"with many 5Ks, a few half marathons and 6 completed marathons. The Jennie Carol is my favorite race because it is the race that started what some might call an addiction.  Honestly, I just love to run! Three years ago I had never ran a mile in my entire life and did not even know how far a 5K was or how many miles were in a marathon. In three years I have grown stronger and more confident in so many ways. So when others around me start to run I begin to get excited! Not because I want them to run a marathon or run every day of the week; I simply want them to set a goal and achieve it. Since January my husband and teaching partner have started running and I have been their support system to them.  Last night I was so excited to lay out my running outfit beside my husbands and have a 20 minute phone conversation with Jerrica to settle her first race nerves.  I knew the race was going to go great for both of them and was so excited to be there for both of them. 

Parker was up and ready to go! No nerves there : ) I was feeling awesome because it would be the first 5K I had ever ran with others and no goal time or pressure for myself. The plan was to stay with Scott for the whole race and then go back for Jerrica. At the start I could tell Scott was feeling good and he was running with an old high school wrestling teammate so I let him to go on his own and stuck my Jerrica. Her first mile was super fast at 9:05 and her second mile was around 18:00 minutes meaning she had a good 12 minutes to finish right around 30 minutes. Scott was a blur off in the distance but I really wanted to cross the finish with him. I decided to run ahead and catch him. WOW! Crazy speed work for me. I ran the last mile @7:15-7:45 trying to catch him. I caught him on the track just in time to cross the finish with him. I headed out to find Jerrica and she was no where to be found. When I found people who were over 30 I decided to head back in case I had missed her and she had finished quicker than I thought! Guess who ran her heart out the last mile?!? She was done and waiting on me! AMAZING first time races for both! 

Scott : 27:46 2nd place First Time Overall Male Award
Jerrica: 28:06 3rd place First Time Overall Female Award 

What a great way to start my Mother's Day Weekend and the 5K bug is back in my system. I can very eager to do some speedier training and hopefully set a new PR this summer (old PR is 22:55). 

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