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Monday, May 21, 2012


 Scott and I at the Sky Deck at the top of Willis Tower. It was the best part of the trip and I loved it. I am scared to death of heights but this did not bother me that bad. 

Found the BEST cupcake at Molly's cupcake. They have been on Cupcake Wars and won; for good reason. The Cookie Monster Cupcake is to die for!!! I figured the 10 miles we walked that day would cancel out the calories. 

Seriously fell in love with Chicago. We were planning a trip back before we had even left.  It is the 2nd best trip I have ever been on. Honeymoon to Ochos Rios at a Sandals Resort will always be the best trip. 

That is as fancy as it gets for this girl. But two homeless men told Scott I was a pretty lady : )

I have said that I would NEVER run the Chicago marathon but this trip was enough to make me change my mind. It may be my one really big marathon that I run. I think I could deal with 44.000 people to run a marathon thru this city. 

Working out is going great! Lots of swimming, biking and weight lifting... not so much running. I will probably not even hit 100 miles this month. That will have to change soon but I am enjoying the change. I feel a lot stronger and am happy with how my body looks. I have decided to stop weighing for a long time. It was just holding me back. Why do I worry so much about 3 certain numbers in a certain order??
Do I eat good? yep; getting better about that too
Do I work out 5 to 6 days a week? yes! 
Do my clothes fit? yes! 
Does my husband still think I am beautiful? YES! and 2 homeless men too : ) 

Up next: Brass Band 5K on June 9th to see if there is any fast left in these legs. 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip and the compliments from not only your hubby but 2 homeless men ;-)