2012 Miles

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brass Band 5K

Yes I ran a 5K! The first one since last August! I was thrilled let me tell you. I LOATHE 5Ks... I mean you have to TRY the WHOLE time : ) My friend has a great picture of me from the race that I will post when she gets it to me. Lets just say I gave the first half mile 2 giant thumbs DOWN! 

So the plan was to go all out and run like a crazy person to see what I was still capable of. Last summer I started with a 23:30 and ended with a 22:55. I was hoping to keep in the the 24s. I took of way to fast and I was running 7:20-7:35 with the first mile being 7:33. Can we say side cramp?!?!

Mile 2 was the usual misery at the park with a lot of up hill and me hating life. Last mile I was seriously breathing like I was dying, grunting out loud and even said "Shit" a couple times as I was making the last few turns. I had no idea who was in my age group and was certain all the women that were in front of me were my age so I was just trying to finish! 

Glanced at the clock and was like 22:XX! OMG I would PR at my first race of the season. 22:40!!! 15 second PR...... oh wait that is 23:40 : ) Guess I should wear my contacts when I run. Either way it is my 3rd faster 5K time and puts me right where I started last summer so a PR is a possibility in August when I race on the faster course around here. 

I did get 2nd in my age group which was a nice plus and the girl that got 1st was like 15 seconds in front of me. She looked way older than me so I didn't even try to pass her : ) 

FYI: I am not pregnant or that much fatter! That is my SPI belt since my iPod shuffle is MIA. I think I left in a treadmill when I threw down during speed work at the gym. Maybe that will teach me to control my temper while running. 


  1. Congrats on taking 2nd!!

    I have another run surprise in early July coming

  2. I'll get you the pic! Completely forgot about downloading them! Whoops!