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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AB-solutely Motivating

Well if there was every a week to make you motivated to eat better and hit the gym harder it has been this week. We have the Olympic Trials and Magic Mike! It is like 6 pack city every where you look! 

You have the amazing Amy Hastings along with other amazing women runners who are rocking some toned and flat bellies! 

I seriously need to watch Men's Running a little more often. Nice to meet you Mr. Symmonds! Unfortunately I think there is a rule that they have to wear shirts when they run : ( But I am 99% sure there are some awesome ABS going on under there. 

Then you have Magic Mike hitting the big screen on Friday! Yep I am planning on being there. Okay obviously I don't want their abs but I bet the weren't eating cupcakes and chocolate when they ended up with those abs. 

"Looks like there are some lawbreakers up in here" 

Just my motivation for the week : ) Shallow yes.. but at least I am working hard! 

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