2012 Miles

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nike Women's Pegasus 29

I love the Nike Pegasus! I was first put in a pair in October and feel love with them very quickly : ) 

They looked like this... 

I wore them for the Bourbon Chase and West Virginia Marathon. They started to feel a little broken down around 350 miles and there was a new awesome color out for the Spring in February so I went ahead and bought a new pair to get me to and thru my Spring marathons. 

They looked liked this...

I LOVED the way those shoes looked at have been in them since early February. I trained for both of my Spring marathons in them, attempted to run Atlanta and ran Derby in them. When the summer started I new the miles were high on them but kept on running in them because I knew the 29s were coming out soon. This past weekend I realized those shoes were DONE and I was going to have to do something about new shoes. I was heartbroken when I read online that the 29s were not coming out until July 8th : ( 

Well when were in Dick's shopping for Scott a Father's Day gift I spied the gray/blue 29s! WHAT?!? I quickly called over to John's Run Walk Shop and found out they had one pair of the new blue ones in my size. We rushed over and they were MINE! This picture does not do the blue justice. They are SO pretty : ) Which is what matters the most; right?? 

I took them out for a short run Sunday morning and they feel awesome. I am a neutral runner so the Pegasus is a great shoe for me. You should NOT choose a shoe because of the brand, because of how it looks or because your friend told you to get the shoe. I was put in the Pegasus at a local running store after we had a lengthy conversation about my running needs and I tried on many running shoes. If you are a new runner looking for the right shoe PLEASE go to a real running store and talk to someone who actually runs. You should take your old running shoe with you and make sure you tell them about any aches and pains you may be having. It is very important that you get in the right running shoe. Since I have been in the Pegasus I have had little to no problems with my feet, knees or hips. I get the usual aches and pains but nothing serious. It is NOT because I am wearing the Pegasus. It is because I am in the RIGHT SHOE FOR ME! 


  1. Oh I have major Pegasus love too! I'm on my 3rd pair, buying 4th any day now. I just live them too much to experiment around. If its not broken, don't fix it! :)

  2. I dont like Nikes, but I like those shoes