2012 Miles

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brass Band 5K Photos

Start of the race; that is me right behind Jeremy my usual running partner. I tried to keep up with him but it was NOT happening. He finished a good 20 seconds ahead of me. 

This shows my true feeling about 5Ks; take off at a lovely 7:25 pace and end up with a killer side cramp. Then guess what you get to keep that up for 3 awesome miles. How about we slow down about a minute a half and see who is left in 25 miles : ) I will take my marathon any day of the week. 

See I am still not happy! I actually almost puked while blowing a snot rocket in about 20 more feet. Glad Crystal didn't get that moment. 

Coming in for a finish. I actually thought I was going to PR because I couldn't read the time clock. I am hoping to PR at some point this summer. I have a race per month thru September so that gives me 3 more attempts but the race in September is NOT a PR course due to lots of turns and being in late afternoon. So I am hoping it will happen in August at the Dash for Life 5K. 

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