2012 Miles

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Missing Runner Notes

Anyone else find themselves leaving behind notes like this. The where to find my body notes :) This is what I left this a.m. in case I did not return.


  1. Man, I need to start doing that!

  2. very smart..unfortunately my dog never learned how to read lol :)

  3. yup. Detailed list now of what my route is and when to expect me home. I am super freaked out after the last mom that was murdered during her run. My husband wants me to stay in the neighborhood but its only so long I can run the same damn 1mile loop. I need a running buddy... the one I have cancels too much!

  4. Twila,

    Thanks for sharing this story with people. Unfortunately, there are some very sick people out there so it's important as you said to be aware of your surroundings. That just doesn't go for women either.

    There are times when I run alone, but I always bring my Road ID or at least some identification. I also try to run with others, including my Lab, Calvin. But there are times when no one else is available.

    I have a suggestion for Christina. Check into any local running clubs where you leave. You might have to step out of your own comfort zone, but I guarantee you'll find numerous people of all ages and abilities to run with.

    Regarding your last post, Twila, I routinely leave notes when no one from my family is home or awake when I set out. And I know they appreciate them too.