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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dash for Life 2012

Last week I ran my favorite 5K around here! It used to be the Railroad Days race and it is known for being a fast race. I have PRed there every year and always walk away my best time for the summer. It was a good race as usual and everyone did great. My time was alright at 23:16 which is maybe my 2nd fastest official 5K time. However, I ran a 22:55 there last year and was hoping to PR. BUT I knew going in that it was a long shot. On top of that my breathing has been a problem for a few weeks and I spent the first 1.25 miles little gasping and sucking in for every breath. That seems to be getting better with my runs this week so I am not sure what my deal was. 

Still a great race for a great cause! Lots of people had great races. Including my usual running partner who walked away with a time of around 22:15!! Lots of us medaled and I was able to get 2nd in the 30-34 age group. 

This will probably be my last 5K for a long time in case I randomly decided to sign up for one. Most weekends will be full of long runs except for the two weekends I have Bourbon Chase and Tough Mudder. Funny thing is that I am running 14 and 16 mile long runs with plans to run 18 and 20 mile long runs with no plans of running a marathon.... I mean I have two races that I am thinking about running but I have yet to actually sign up for something. Guess I need to get on that! 

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