2012 Miles

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have been so busy....

 Swimming in our little pool! 

Digging up dinosaurs at the Children's Museum. 

Driving hot rods. 

Riding rides at Holiday World. 

Being silly. 

Starring at this cute little face. 

Working on our bike riding. 

Sorry to rub in all the benefits of being a teacher but my summer has been wonderful! I have been to Chicago, Tybee Island, Great Wolf, Holiday World, Splashin' Safari, Indianapolis Children's Museum, a Legends baseball game, many pools and parks! Where do I stand in terms of working out and running?

Do not worry! I am hitting in harder than ever. Most weeks have been made up for 3 days of spinning, 2 medium runs, 1 long runs and some shorter runs mixed in there as well.  After spinning and some running I have been lifting weights and working on my arms. I started using Fitness Pal to make sure I was not over eating and over snacking. Which has resulted in loosing 2 pounds! WOO HOO! 

Now I must go back to work : ( Which means making a new workout schedule that will be less desirable. Early morning runs or after school gym workouts. Both of which are going to be hard since I will be tired from actually working all day. But I am going out with a bang this week. Not missing any workouts and 3 pool days!! 

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  1. The reason to be a teacher is summer vacation :) Enjoy your time off..soon we will all be back to work