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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Always Wanting What is Next

Just like my little guy Kris and I are working on "what is next". I am running Bluegrass Pike to get ready for Lexington and biking (inside) so I can attempt some long runs and perhaps due a bike race this summer. Kris has her bike out and is working on long runs so she will be ready for her century. I love where I am at right now in my working out. It takes up a lot of time but I feel healthy and motivated. I also love that I can eat pretty much whatever I want and not feel guilty for it! This week I made most of my daily goals to get back on track for my 2010 miles. Hoping a long bike ride one warm weekend will get me pack on the plus side. I won't brag too much about the 50 degree weather since I know some of you are still very cold and snowy : )

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  1. I just want to say that I am amazed by you two and your dedication. I can't believe how many miles you each have behind you already! Keep up the good work!!