2012 Miles

Friday, March 26, 2010


So my first half was cancelled my the first snow in 10 years in Myrtle Beach. Now Sunday's run is going to be rainy (possibly storming). I can handle a light drizzle. Maybe even a steady rain but I am not sure I am willing to run in high winds/hail/thunder/lightning. I am just hoping for the rain to come in later than predicted! Go figure that Saturday is going to be sunny and 66 degrees. Then good ole' Kentucky is going to drop to the 30s at night and bring in some cold Spring rain. I knew they should have raced on Saturday instead!



  1. I thought the rain wasn't suppose to hit until later in the day? I sure hope that doesn't happen!! I agree with ya on the 5k's though, I am happy running about 5mi but after that I am pretty much done! Good Luck tomorrow hope I see ya there!

  2. I am tired of this bi polar weather!!!!!