2012 Miles

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Few of my Favorite Running Things

Pre-run food: Currently I am eating a lara bar with peanut butter. For long runs I will add a banana and for a marathon I may even eat another small granola bar when I get to the race site.

Running Fuel: I really love the tangerine with double caffeine but I do not take more than 2 during a marathon and only one during a long run. I have not really found another flavor that I love and hoping the new peanut butter GU will be my new favorite to eat in between the ones with caffeine.

Love my Garmin and will always have one! I really don't care which one I have.

Socks: These are my favorite socks and I do all long runs and marathons in these. I am so excited that a local running store has them buy 3 get 1 free right now.

Tempo shorts will always be my favorite short and I don't know why I buy anything else. They are awesome all year long. I love just sticking a pair of tights under them when it is not super cold.
Shoe right now is the Nike Pegasus. I have always been a Saucony girl but was feeling the need for something new. After an attack from a Brooks : ) I went to a running store and I was put in the Pegasus and am in love. I am currently in love with the above color and may sneak and order a pair!
Post race treat! I love a good cupcake after a long run and I wish there were mint chocolate chip cupcakes around whenever I needed a reward : ) But any other flavor will do.

I know this was a real original post and no one else has done a favorite thing post! Join the crowd people : )

I am finalizing my 2012 race plans and will post soon. I am having to knock it back a little because mommy can't be racing all the time. Since I live in the great state of Kentucky I can not get to races with out being gone for only one night most of the time.

Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas Spirit! I know I am with my lights up, tree up, stockings up, Santas out and wreaths on the door : )


  1. Have you tried making your own larabars? They are only 3-4 ingredients

  2. I happen to love a lot of things on this list...Larabars are my favorite snack! I just discovered Nike's tempo shorts - I have two pairs now but I love them, and I don't see a reason to buy anything else! Such great news about Atlanta - I'm so excited!

  3. I love my pegasus's... That color combo is so awesome and better than mine tho!! Thanks for lettin me know to go check Vanessa's post. Georgia yay! U Gould def run it!