2012 Miles

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well.... IT Happens

What Happened? Well....

Beth talks about it a lot and Cely hopes it does not happen in Vegas after binge eating and drinking.

Looks like Paula couldn't wait until the finish line back in 2005...

Yep I had "to go" and had nowhere "to go"! If you are saying "eww gross" or "I can't believe she said that" just remember Karma is unkind! If you run long distances and run a lot then you know running is unkind to the stomach and we have all been there done that. Most runners have had that nice 10 minute warning their body gives them and been able to head to the nearest potty. Well I had mine 10 minute warning and stopped at a gas station. Alright lets finish these last 2.4 miles, right?!?!?

NEGATIVE! Coming onto the last mile of my run I came to a dead stop and thought "OH MY". I looked to the left and right and I was in the middle of a road so I preceded to walk very carefully up a hill. Whew... pain is gone. Lets run again??? Made it about 50 feet and I was stopped again. At the point I am 1 mile from my truck but a couple tenths from my house. So I decide to running like a crazy lady to the house. Not so much I was stopped again by "THE PAIN" and eyed some bushes but thought that was not the best way to meet new neighbors so I hoped for the best and took off. Well the husband was not home so I had to open a gate, find the hidden house lady key and open a door. Which means...

I did NOT make it : ( Guess I can knock that one off my bucket list. Best part is I was at home with my truck still in the parking lot down the road. So I had to go back out for the rest of my run so that I would have my truck. Quite the 10 mile run : )

* Note to self: You can eat Mexican on Friday nights but NOT pizza! Stick with what works people!


  1. I would send u an email but I don't know yours. In response to your comments on my blog, if u run Georgia I would absolutely adore running together!! Of course that's making the assumption that I can pull off sub4 again haha!! I latched onto a girl for about 3 miles and chitchatted today. Those were my best miles bc it was a welcome distraction from the pain! :)

  2. And you pooooooor thing!!!! I will not make fun bc I def don't want that karma! :) my lucky to have a pretty tough stomach when it comes to running

  3. Before you ask, many others have asked if I would make an award for that, and I will not, nope, nadda. Sticking with the Pukie only

  4. sooo close! amazingly this has only happened to me once, but I have been SOOO close soooo many times.