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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kona on DVR

Who has Kona on their DVR??? Me! Me! Me! I love watching Kona. I actually watched Kona before I was a runner. I randomly found it on TV and watched it thinking "WOW, that is crazy!" Running a mile was impossible for me at the time and I had never any hear of triathlons or Ironman. Obviously I already knew who won the race! I love both Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington so I was thrilled when I saw that they won. I did not read a lot about the race because I wanted to enjoy watching the Kona recap.

I love the fact that Chrissie and Craig did not flat out win it from the beginning so there was a little bit of excitement watching them win; even if you knew they were going to win the whole time. They are amazing athletes and showed up to win it and they did! I also love Mirinda Carfrae and love to watch her run.

I was disappointed in some of the age-grouper stories. I could have cared less about the Indy racer. I am glad they talked about Biggest Loser Tara but I think there could have been more coverage. I was really moved by the lady with colon cancer because it made me think of my mom since she was so close with her daughter. However, I always think there should be more coverage of the age groupers!

I did not think I was going to cry but when it showed the two older men at the end who were in so much pain and still trying to finish I was crying. Every time I see people of "older" status pushing themselves beyond anything I could ever do I get emotional. They were pushing past some serious pain and it was amazing to watch. Lew Hollander is amazing! I will cry whenever he passes away but I think he will make it to like 105 easy!

Overall I enjoyed it and will watch it a few more times! Who else watches Kona??


  1. I've nears of it an still not sure what it is haha. Wonder if it's on Hulu!

  2. I have 08, 09, 10, 11 all saved on my DVR, my dvr better not crash

    I thought Kona was good not great, I dont care about the F1 racer, though he seemed humble in his interviews, I didnt care about the celebtrity chef. I am tired of celebrities getting in my Superbowl because they are famous and didnt earn it or go through the lottery. If they want to do an 140.6, there are plenty of other races to do.

    You are right, not enough ag stories. It left me wanting more. My favorite is Harriet Anderson, she has been doing this just as long as Lew, she was featured the year before. They both said when they dont make the cut off is when they will retire. Both made it with 10 minutes to spare.

    My heart broke for the lady that crossed 4 seconds after the cutoff. You know all she has thought about is where she could have cut 5 seconds off.

    I was sad to see all the runners running crooked. couldnt stand up right. Its a brutal race, I attempted to train for it, not fully aware of what is needed and, boy, was I smacked in the face.

    Makes me wonder, was this year an off year? or is it getting like the Superbowl commercials, you wait all year to see it, it there was some good ones, but you arnt blown away,