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Monday, December 5, 2011


So GU announced the other day that there would be peanut butter flavor GU! WHAT?!?!? I was so excited and was ready to drive to Lexington to find some but I decided to wait until I knew John's had some. I was able to get my parents to pick me up a few packets and I was excited to take one on my long run last Saturday. Since it was "just" 10 miles I really did not need a GU but I wanted to try it. So here is the review...

Smells like.... wait for it.... peanut butter : )

Looks like... watery peanut butter : (

Tastes like.... peanut brittle/the peanut butter in protein bars

Texture.... less sticky than other GUS and "goes down" well

My running partner tried it too and he agreed that it was pretty good. I think this might be my new no caffeine GU #2 to take with my on longer runs. The taste is not overwhelming good but honestly no GU makes me want to eat another one. The best part is the texture. The chocolate ones take too much water to get down and I was end of with a string of chocolate GU on my face. I think this GU would be great for a marathon because I would not wishing I had more water after I had left the water stop. I am going to try one or two more before I buy more but I have a feeling I am going to stock up for my next round of marathon training.

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  1. Does it leave a dry mouth feeling? Like chocolate? I have to use fruity gels because I hate the dry mouth feeling I get from others gel.