2012 Miles

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Goals Recap

So I looked back at my 2011 goals and I really did not set a lot of goals last year. I had some statement like "here are some fitness goals and I have some other goals"..... yeah I have no idea what "other goals" I had so I am sure they were dropped by January 5th like most people. So I started my year like a crazy person and ran my butt off for a long time and kept really strong until fall. Fall came and I knocked out some big races and set some good PRs but then I hit a major wall : ( Not sure why but my workouts have gone to crap since my November marathon. BUT back to the good stuff...

PR some distances! Totally did that in a half (training runs, no real ones), 5K (sub 23) and 26.2!
Run some races : ) YEP! 4 marathons and a 203 mile relay and a couple 5Ks
Run 1000 miles.... and then some! Wanted to get 1,300 but the flu has me shut down.
Eat less cupcakes..... WTF! Who wrote that $#!+ on my blog..... yeah eat MORE cupcakes

2011 was a great year! I am very proud of my running this past year. I think I accomplished a lot even though I did not have specific goals.

What will 2012 hold? more running... DUH?!?!? and some PRs? Well I would hope so : ) Maybe some other races.... like an IronMan : )

Totally kidding about the IronMan but I am looking into some "other" races for fun. I might even tackle that swimming thing again for some stupid reason. I am hoping to have a set race calendar soon and I will post closer to the new year.


  1. less cupcakes?? you?? never!!!!

  2. I literally choke on my water when I read IM. I totally got excited, totally ready to ask which one, then I read the next line. you still havent tried a duathlon with your fancy bike.