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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Race Recap and our Journey Home

What the beach looked like the day we ran. Glad we waited until Sunday because the weather was gorgeous. The ocean to my left totally helped at the end of the race.
Race Details for those who are interested! We woke up about 8:00 am and decided to head out. Temperatures were going to be in the 40's. What to wear? What to wear? We decided on tights, light weight Under Armor base layer, long sleeve Cold Gear, gloves, headband and Kris wore a jacket. We proudly pinned on our irrelevant bibs and took off. I took off really fast since I had not ran in almost a week. Glad Kris was there to keep me on pace. About mile 4 we started getting thirsty. We didn't make a belt to carry water since we were planning on water stops and obviously we could not do water drops. So we ATE snow : ) First snow was a pile in someone's yard. Next snow was around mile 6 so we could "re-goo". We did a down and back since it was easy to run down Ocean Blvd. 6.5 miles and turn around and head back. When we made our turn to head back to the hotel we put in our iPods. The new playlist and 2 packs of goo had us very chipper. I honestly couldn't have felt better. Kris had to remind me to slow down we still have 5 miles to go. Around mile 10 I was impressed that I was still going strong and so was Kris. Our only issue occurred about mile 11. Kris was needing to stretch and catch her breath a little. But when she would stop my stomach would start churning. I knew if I stopped for 2 long I was going to be in trouble. Runners you know what I am talking about. So I would keep on running when Kris would stop. We were never more than a block and a half apart. At the end of mile 11 I started thinking "Should I walk? Do I need to walk" But I was super close to 2:15 which would have been great. So I pushed on. At the end I think I was running more like a 12:00 pace. I saw that 13.1 hit and I knew I had to keep moving. I turned and made it back to Kris and her Garmin was not reading 13.1 yet so we finished hers out and made our way to the beach. We were enjoying some stretches on the warm sand but my belly was going crazy! Lets just say I spent a lot of time in the potty for the rest of the day. However, I was able to feel good enough to head to Abuelo's. Kris had a huge Sangria and I had a nice Margarita and an incredibly fattening plate full of enchiladas, beans and Papas! My stomach was a little angry the rest of the night : ) Overall perfect race! I did not walk one step and Kris only walked for a matter of seconds. We are both very proud of our time and proud we did it on our own. Who needs water stops, mile markers, crowds of people cheering them on, a fancy finish line, a medal and someone taking their picture along the way? But they are mailing our medals to us. Thanks to everyone who has followed this part of our journey to 2010 miles. I am going on to do another half in Lexington, Ky in March; so I can have an official one under my belt. Kris is going to do a big bike race for MS in early June (100 miles in one day) and I may join her. I am going to do a shorter ride in April before I commit to that much mileage.
Airport Terminals! Yuck and on top of that SNOW plagued us every where we went.
If you are still with me I will give you our story of getting home. Basically we live 10-12 hours from Myrtle Beach but chose to fly so it would be more like a 4 to 5 hour trip and we would be ready to run. Trip down.... PERFECT. Trip home.... CRAZY.

Monday morning 4:00 AM we got a call from Delta that due to weather all flights were cancelled. Should have flown Myrtle Beach to Atlanta to Cincinnati; putting us home at noon on Monday. So we went on to the airport to find out what they could do for us. Delta wanted us to stay in Myrtle Beach another day and then fly Atlanta to Detroit and then to Cincinnati; not getting home until 9pm Tuesday night. We refused that and said "We HAVE to get home tonight" So we were put on a flight to Charlotte to Raleigh- Durham to Philadelphia to Cincinnati putting us home at 7:30 pm that night. Better than the next day, right? So we take it. Other than a lot of flying and CRAZY neighbor companions it was great trip UNTIL Philadelphia. Landed in Philadelphia and it is snowing. Endured our FOUR hour lay over to find out 10 minutes before our flight that we would not be landing in Cincinnati. Back to Special Services we go. They give us "discounted" vouched to a hotel and new tickets to fly out the next morning to Charlotte (yeah we had already BEEN there) and then to Cincinnati. Which would put us home at 5:30 on Tuesday; still better than the original deal. Go to the hotel (there is a bar!) an take a hot shower. We woke up feeling good about our travels. That is until we spent 45 minutes on the tarmac waiting to be deiced. Land in Charlotte as our next flight is boarding. Kris was moved to the front so she could run a head and catch our flight. I on the other hand was sitting in row 31 and had to wait forever to get off the plane. I ran to the gate just to find out I was two minutes too late. THANKS!

Then they get Kris on the next (and last) flight to Cincinnati but not me. I would be on stand by with little chance of getting on. Which would mean I would spend the night in Charlotte and fly out the next day. So I go get on a flight to Lexington at 4:15 so Scott can pick me up. Kris waits for the 5:50 flight to Cincinnati. My travels went fine. I landed in Lexington right on time and had my husband and son waiting on me. Kris however had to circle the airport for 20 minutes, didn't land until almost 8:00 pm, had to DIG her car out of snow and then drive VERY slow to get home at 11:00 at night!


  1. Great job on your finishing time Twila!! Wish it could have been an official time for ya!! I already know you are doing way better than me, I am still having walk breaks!! Trying to work on that though and I haven't been training much lately so I have to get back into my groove!! Maybe I can do some long runs with you soon!!

  2. What an experience! Good job on still getting your 13.1 done.