2012 Miles

Sunday, February 7, 2010

About that time

We had our last long run this weekend. We did 8 miles and are going to take it easy this week. I felt really strong today and was pain free in my knees! I have been running at a much faster pace (9:00-9:30) when I know I don't have to run as long but I will be slowing down when it is 13 miles. We are hoping for 2:30 or less. Just gonna enjoy it and finish!

Today I had an interesting encounter with a Pit Bull on one of the side roads close to my house. I saw him in a yard and was considering turning around but he disappeared and he didn't bark or anything. But he tricked me and hid behind a truck and snuck up from behind. He gave me a little nose nudge on the butt and started getting a little aggressive. As long as I walked he didn't bother me. So for about 1/10th of a mile I had to keep Mr. Pit Bull happy : ( Finally he found some dogs to pick on and left me alone. I thought make to Caesar the Dog Whisperer and I was firm and assertive! HA! Guess I will be have to find another route since Mr. Pit Bull has moved in. Anybody out there have a scary dog encounter?

The next time I post I will have ran 13.1 miles for the first time! Exciting stuff. I bought a new outfit to celebrate. Maybe it will make me run faster : )



  2. Ugh, I hate loose dogs

    One time on the bike, I had a husky run and leap on me, didnt bite, but sent me flying.

  3. Woohoo! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    There was a loose dog on my run yesterday, he was a across the street, and never crossed over, but sure did make me nervous! I kept my eye on him for as long as I could see him.

  4. Twila, looking forward to seeing you and my sister in a couple of days..I'm excited to run with the two of you...but with the 9.00-9:30 minutes miles..I will not be able to keep up that's for sure. I'll be meeting you guys at mile 9...keep your eyes out for me...maybe by then you will be down to a 10 min mile which is more my speed....the excitement is groWING!