2012 Miles

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Good Things of the Week

This week has been slightly stressful with the moving issues but there were a lot of good things too! Bourbon Chase is here! We run our 12 person, 203 mile relay next weekend and I am super excited. Our shirts finally came in and they are great! We had a sponsor buy us tech shirts and t-shirts with our team information on them. We went with a drinking theme since it is the BOURBON Chase and we run from distillery to distillery. I do not drink bourbon and will not drink any of the free bourbon but we wanted to honor the theme. The back of the shirt is in the shape of a Maker's Mark Bottle and has all of our names, sponsor names and running words. We also had some additional sponsor money so are vans are only costing us pennies and we have some free food/snacks for the race. I was really worried the Bourbon Chase was going to cost a lot but honestly it is the cheapest race I will run all year!

NEW SHOES! I never did blog about this but Brooks are the DEVIL (as far as my feet are concerned!) The Brooks felt like there were nails being driven into my arches. I ran in them a couple of time and liked them but once I hit the road for a long run I was feeling differently. Fortunately I was able to sell them to another runner who likes Brooks. I went back to my Saucony but was still feeling like I needed something new. SO I went to a local running store and had my feet measured and talked about my running and where I have aches and pains. They brought out a lot of shoes but the Nikes felt the best. I was very shocked but I have worn them in the house all day and ran on the treadmill and they seem like they are going to work for me. I am so excited about all the colors they come in. I am not fond of the neon pink I have right now but it was the only color they had for me and I wanted to buy from them since they took the time to work with me. Good thing is I will need another pair in about 4 months.
I also broke down and spend some major $$$ on work shoes. My feet are killing me at the end of the day. So I bought some of those hideous looking Dansko shoes that all the teachers and nurses wear. They too feel great! I am hoping for happier feet at the end of the day.


  1. Thats funny, because the ONLY shoes that work for me are Brooks

  2. this sounds like such a fun race! love the back of the shirt.. and LOOOOOVE your new shoes!