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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick Update

So I am not blogging at all for many reasons! After Bourbon Chase we finally moved! Pictures are coming : ) So between moving, unpacking, closing (that was a drawn out process), waiting on cable guy, waiting on internet guy, hooking up internet, decorating a house, learning where stuff is in a new house and shopping for the new house : ) I have also had you know work and raising the kid : )

No really life is great! I recovered for a few days after Bourbon Chase then started working my way back towards my marathon in West Virginia. I have had a few decent medium runs and one killer 18 mile run! I ran the first 10 miles in a 8:29 pace and then the last 8 I was able to stay at like a 8:50 or something. Should have pushed out 2 more miles but I saw my house and quit.

Today I ran 22 miles (actually 22.7 since I ran to the meeting spot) and it was great! Okay as great as 22 miles can be. I wanted a 9:40 pace just to have one last slow long run but ended up with a 9:48. Not sure what West Virginia will hold and I really do not care. If you know anyone running West Virginia on November 7th send them my way.

More detailed updates in the future! I have been reading when I have been able to with my super slow high speed internet : ( and wireless is another issue!

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  1. I hate moving, sooo much work involved with it. Glad its going smoothly for you