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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some updates.... 7 to be exact

Since BBD from tagged me for 7 fun facts I thought I would turn it into a quick update on my life with some random thoughts and updates on myself!

1. I have a new house! Well actually I have a 70 year old house : ) Scott and I moved to a house "in town" and I am LOVING it. It had recently been fixed up and has lots of charm about it. I already feel like it is a home instead of a house. The best part is I live in my favorite area to run. I know lots of great little running routes from my house and I can easily go for a night run when Scott is home. My weekend runs are shorter because I do not have to drive to run. I can actually run 7 tenths of a mile to meet my running buddy.

2. My running mojo has left me : ( Actually just the treadmill running. If I can run outside I am all over it but I loathe the treadmill right now and that is odd for me. It is in the garage now but I was starting to feel that way before the move. Hoping the in town living will help me get 3-4 outside runs a week and then I can cross train the other days inside.

3. I am so Type A it is crazy! You would not know I have been in my house only 2 weeks. Minus the garage everything has a home and I can not stand to wait to get something done. So I have been super busy with house stuff. I think my OCD like tendencies get worse with age.

4. I have no idea how many miles I have ran : ( I was trying to keep putting in my miles once I went over 100 but just haven't cared that much about putting in my miles. Guess I should have made a bigger goal! I have also been running "naked" a lot. So my runs during the week are 4-6 miles. I just run familiar routes and enjoy myself.

5. I have BIG Plans for 2012! Like crazy ambitious. No one get all IronMan excited or anything. It is 100% running : ) Hoping to have a final PLAN soon.

6. I don't think it is real money if I buy it online. Drop $100 on 2 pieces of running clothes in a store NO WAY! Log in to running warehouse and throw down $100 on tights and jacket; no problem! That can get you in a bad situation pretty quick! Usually I check the credit card balance and box stuff right back up once it comes in.

7. I use to really like the color brown for clothes and home goods but now I am more into lack and gray! How is that for random??

If you read my blog feel free to blog about yourself. I would be very flattered to find out people actually read my blog. Here are the blog I stalk:

Plus I read the blogs that are in my sidebar : ) Thanks for following along! Ready for a cold Marathon #5 next weekend with my running buddy who is running his first marathon!! Then I will take a little "time off" and then at the first of the year I will begin training for my BIG PLANS :)


  1. Thanks for playing along

    - I already know your thoughts on triathlons, my guess is your going for your Marathon Maniac status, am I close?

    - I have no problem dropping a $100 on gear or training or racing clothes, but ask me to buy a $25 dress shirt because its on sale, I think its a waste of money

    - I have no clue how miles I have biked, I have done a lot of trainer work and my distance part of my garmin isnt working on the trainer

  2. we were "setteled" within a week of moving into our house last year, lol, so totally feelin' that one!! thanks for the tag! :)