2012 Miles

Sunday, October 30, 2011

READY for 26.2

After a slight scare of a sickness : ( Aleeve D Sinus/Cold to the rescue! I was able to get in my 13.1 this weekend and I killed it! I wish it had been a real half marathon because I ran faster than my PR. My old PR was 8:34 pace for a total time of 1:52:?? but today I ran 13.1 in.....

1:51:41 (8:32 pace)

Super excited and ready for West Virginia. Not saying I am going to PR there or do anything spectacular but it just nice to show up for a 26.2 with a "I am a strong runner" attitude! Looking forward to seeing all the other KY runners that are going to be there. State #5 down only 45 to go!


  1. Here is a question I dont know the answer to? If you PR during training, does it count as a PR or does it have to happen in a race?

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