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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Changing it Up!

I am feeling really blah about running, my fitness and my weight. I am at my normal weight that is what I weigh when I am not working out. But HELLO I am training for a marathon so I should be at that other smaller number that I really like but my thighs and butt have decided to thicken up. I guess running 30+ miles a week will bulk up your leg/butt muscles : (

I decided to change some things up in attempt to improve my overall fitness and maybe shed 3 pounds in the process! Seriously I have pants that won't zip! So I knew I needed to make sure I was getting in plenty of weekday runs and add in cross training. I have a hard time fitting in both in one day but I realized if I would crawl out of bed in the a.m. I could possibly squeeze in some cross training in the p.m. So here is how my week went...

Monday: 5 a.m. run with S.W. (4 miles her pace; 1 mile my pace)
Tuesday: 1 hour Zumba after school, 2 mile run treadmill and some cross training "moves"
Wednesday: 5 a.m. run with S.W (4 miles her pace, 2 miles my pace)
Thursday: 5 a.m. run with S.B (4 miles her pace, 2 miles my pace)
I was too tired from the new 5 a.m. wake up time to get in any kind of working out in the p.m. but I am hoping as I adjust to the new schedule I might be able to pull off some push ups or something in the p.m.

Pretty good, huh? My weekday runs are not as fast since I am running with other people BUT I am running more days and getting in more miles. If we start at 5 am that leaves me with some time run 1-3 miles on my own so I am going to push those out and get it some below marathon pace runs. Hopefully I will still be able to hold my 9:09 pace on Saturdays. I am going to attempt ZUMBA some more so that I am getting in an extra workout somedays and some of the Zumba moves are good toning moves.

I think changing it up will cure my BLAH feeling! Anyone else out there have luck with changing it up??

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