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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greased Feet = Greased Lightning

This weekend we had 17 miles on schedule and I was not looking forward to it. I had log a lot of miles (25 miles before the run started), rolled my ankle (while walking) and had an upset stomach for a few days. The last 2 long runs had been slowish and I just knew this 17 miles was going to stink! But I was just telling myself 3 longs runs to taper and then see what happens in Atlanta. Weather was pretty good for a long run; chilly but not too cold. We started off strong and all miles were between 8:56-9:07! This long run was looking like a good 9:09ish finish. The first 10 miles were going to be just the two of us and then David would join us for the last 7 miles. We finished the first 10 miles at a 8:57 pace so I knew we could keep the 9:09 even if we slowed down. I kept running strong and was determined to keep it as fast as possible. I was able to finish the 17 miles with an average of 8:53! That is the best long run (over 15 miles) that I have ever had!

Where did that come from??? Who knows but I wish I could repeat that for the next 2 weekends and then have some of that show up when I am in Atlanta. Just when you think sub 4 is out the door... you get a little tease that it might still be possible one day. I did "grease" my feet for the first time in a while. Maybe that is the trick ; )

Where did 42 miles come from this week...

Monday: 5 mile run in the a.m. and 2 mile run with kids
Tuesday: 2 mile run with kids and ZUMBA
Wednesday: 5.5 mile run in a.m. and 2 mile run with kids
Thursday: 6 mile run in the a.m.
Friday: 2 mile run with kids

I was teaching a "running class" and was able to log in some extra miles with my class. But I am counting them as miles since the big kids were fast and the little kids were exhausting to chase down and herd : )

Hoping to keep my miles at 40 miles or above for the next 2 weeks before I taper for Atlanta on March 18th.

Monday: 4-6 miles with Sarah
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 4-6 miles with Sarah
Thursday: 6 miles

That is the plan for the week and would put me 38 to 42 miles for the week!

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  1. I enjoyed the 5am run, I hope to join for more:)