2012 Miles

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long Run... Positively Awesome!

This week's long was positively awesome in the fact I perfected the POSITIVE split... oh wait you are suppose to run a negative split : ( As soon as our long run started I knew it was going to be a slow and painful 16 miles. We kept the average around 9:15 for the first 8-10 miles which is great since our marathon goal pace is 9:09 or better. However, we were both sore and struggling. We decided to cut it to 15 miles since Jeremy was happy with any type of long run (he was fresh off a Hawaiian vacation) and that would be an increase for me. We managed to get ourselves back to where we started and were happy to have completed a long run even if it was 1 mile short. I was thrilled that I went on and ran the last mile since I ran right past my house.

I am not sure why my legs were so tired and heavy since my last weeks miles were low. I was short on time a couple times last week and had some issues since it was my "lady week". I am hoping our attempt at #2 for 16 miles will go wonderful next week. There are fewer and fewer weeks before I tackle 26.2 in Georgia and then I have Derby in April.

Sorry the shoe picture was so big but it did a good job of showing off how pretty they are! They are so pretty I am still not wearing them all the time because I don't want to get them wet and muddy. Plus I am hoping they will be my shoe for both marathons so I am going to try to keep their miles low for a few more weeks before I wear them exclusively. They are SO pretty! So pretty that it looks like the next time I buy a pair I will have to pay $5 more.


  1. I love that pic "I dont stop when Im tired, I stop when Im done" ... love it! Saved it as the background on my computer for this weeks inspiration!