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Sunday, March 6, 2011

22 miles or NOT!

I really wanted to get in a 22 mile run before the marathon. Well the running gods must be playing mean tricks on me because last weekend I had the funeral and was forced to do 20 on the treadmill and this week the stomach bug infected my little guy : (

Friday night at 5:00 the bug started and from then until 4:00 in the morning I was doing lots of yucky clean up about every 30 minutes. The hubs had to work the next day so I took night duty solo which also meant I had Saturday to do solo as well. I was going to do my 22 on Saturday while my parents watched Parker but no one wants to baby sit a sick kid AND the weather was POURING down rain for hours straight and 30 mph winds. So Saturday I sat on the couched, held my boy and watched Disney movies for hours on end. Don't get me wrong there is no where else I would rather be than taking care of my little guy. But I think all the sitting and stress had me all messed up.

Sunday I woke up and luckily my running partner was still willing to tackle 14 with me. So I did 6 (felt great) before I met up with him and then we went out for 14. Felt great for the 1st 6 we did together (12 total for me) but it started getting bad when I hit my 16 mile mark. I handed the Garmin off so J could have a decent run without my slow, out of whack self. Basically I was cramping up in all kinds of ways! I am thinking it was dehydration but lets just say I was in pain from my lower back down and I walked. WALKED down a very busy road where other people were driving. I hardly ever walk during a run so that tells you I was in some serious pain. I hobbled back to my car and ended up somewhere close to 19 miles. Also, to make matters worse I realized my keyless was not in my running belt and was freaking out that I had lost my keyless. But one good thing that happened I had left it laying on the hood of my car. Real safe huh?

I am on my way to wallow in some high calorie food and a cupcake (peanut butter banana) and hoping that 2 weeks from now will be a different story. I am going to taper and start stretching more. Hope everyone else had a better training run than I did.

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  1. dont let it get you down! you are going to rock that marathon!

  2. Aw! Poor little guy!! :( Well, you know how my run went today so I am right there with you!! It is so crazy how running is such an up and down thing. It really plays with your emotions!! I hope you are feeling better after that cupcake and enjoy the TAPER!!!!

  3. I still think you are doing great with your training. You are going to do great in the marathon!!!

  4. Hope he's feeling better, that's never fun. We all have runs like that, next time will be better! Good luck on your marathon!

  5. You running rockstar you. Hope you enjoyed that cupcake :-p