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Thursday, March 10, 2011

One heck of a Taper

I said taper and my body said "I will make sure you don't run AT ALL"...

Finished the craptastic run on Sunday (22 turned 19) and then had a light 5 mile treadmill run on Monday. Monday night/Tuesday Morning (2:00 am) woke up with 102 fever. Sick Tuesday and Wednesday. Worked Thursday but am at home now with more throwing up : (

So my question is.... Do I pull out of the marathon? Tomorrow is the last day to transfer my payment until next year. I think I could pull off a short run Saturday and then treadmill runs next week. I leave Friday the 18th to drive to Virginia Beach and run on Sunday the 20th. I have trained really hard for 10 weeks. I started off with a real strong base and long runs at 10 miles. I have had two 20 milers. I know I will finish and am looking forward to the time with my mom and getting to see my brother. However, my body is going to be completely wiped and I will do good to get in 15-20 miles between now and then. Suggestions?


  1. can you switch it to the half marathon and do it instead? that way it wouldn't be a wasted trip in terms of running and you could still go and see your bro.

  2. and you can sign up for the derby full instead. :)

  3. NO NO NO NO... you can do it! My longest run was 18miles x 2 .. I kept aiming for 22 but the weather was against me. This is my first marathon... and I will be running the same one! You have to do it! And if you see me running - I havent made my shirt yet but sure the front will say Christina and the back will say 1st marathon... make sure you say hi!

  4. Tough one, I am not gonna pull one of those "rah rah you can do it" comments. Are you looking to PR, what are your race goals? You have the base, you are not going to lose it after 3 days, when you run again, you will feel like you lost fitness, you havent, its just your body reacting to you being sick, sweating out the last of it. I say, if you can run tomorrow, and feel good about it, then go ahead and run the Mary, if you are feeling sick after the run, is there an option for a half? I think you really want to race, I think you are going to race, so now you need to decide if you want to do 13.1 or 26.2 tomorrow.

  5. I agree with Christina, you can sill do it!! You were already in the taper when you got sick and like you said you have already done 2 20 milers so I think you will be fine!! So sorry you are sick...rest up and get better and then go out and run! You don't have to run fast just take it nice and easy and have fun!!

  6. Twila,

    I don't know what marathon plan you're following, but you're suppose to be in your taper mode now anyway. I would rest up and get better first. Then look at what you've missed as far as training. One weeks worth of training doesn't necessarily spell disaster. I would finish up the plan. I would be more concerned if you hadn't done 2 long runs. Try to do the remaining quality runs in your plan though.

    I think as long as you get better soon and the marathon isn't until the 20th you still could do it. You might actually perform better because you're rested more. Take a look at my marathon tips on one of my blog posts for other suggestions. I recommend you try the marathon as long as you're better in the next day or so.

    Plan B could be the half though as Crystal has suggested. Good luck.


  7. Go ahead and do it!! You've trained for a number of weeks anyway and this is taper week anyway. Just rest up and get better and you'll definitely be ready for the race.