2012 Miles

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dang It!

So a few weeks before Virginia I looked at the Kentucky Derby Marathon. I had heard the half was full but the marathon was still open. I did not want to register for it in case I came back from Virginia injured or really wanting a break. Well when I crossed the finish in Virginia within minutes I was wanting to sign up for something else. SO I came home and was going to hit up the Kentucky Derby Marathon since it is so close to home and would be easy to "retrain" for. BUT it is full : ( BOO! There are plenty of other races that weekend but they are more expensive and they would require much more traveling. So I guess I am on a short break. Might looking to a summer and then I think Outerbanks in November is the plan! The only other big item on the schedule is the Bourbon Chase in October. If I was rich and not a teacher I would make my goal next year "12 in 2012" BUT hard to get off work that much to jet around the US to run marathons. Plus plane tickets aren't cheap.

If you need me I will be googling upcoming marathons like a crazy person! 2 states down and 48 to go. I told my husband I wanted to be a 50 stater by 60 and his response was "Where is the fun in taking so long?" I guess he is giving me permission to run more marathons a year!


  1. LOL, better get that last sentence in a contract and notarized before he forgets he said it, you know us men forget everything

    I see your becoming a marathon addict

    I think I may have found our swimmer for 2012, still working on it

  2. I knew I should have bet you something when you said you were going to "take a break"! HA! I so would have requested a chocolate fondue from melting pot! speaking of, we girls need to go there again soon!

    i'll send you my tentative list. maybe there are some we can all go to together! Jeremy has semi-approved the list :)

  3. googling upcoming marathons like a maniac ... Hey I have done that very thing... often