2012 Miles

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pre Race Stuff

Virginia Beach is about 10 hours from where I live so we drove 6 hours on Friday. We stopped at a hotel with an indoor pool and it felt great to get in and stretch around after all that time in the car. It was not so great that a hound dog checked in next door and howled all night and it was less great that a team of 50 high school track boys checked in! Nothing a tylenol PM didn't take care of.
Great Expo! Super quick pick up and there were quite a few vendors. Picked up my 26.2 sticker for my truck and some new block flavors. I was in and out pretty quick.
Everyone else was doing it so I took my picture with the little guy.
In Virginia Beach they have an awesome bakery that is yummy and they employ individuals with disabilities. They are non profit and I love supporting them when I am here. I had my favorite cranberry muffin and I ate it too quick to take a picture.
We had some time to kill before we headed to my brother's house so we killed some time at the beach.
They were hauling in all the bananas and waters! That is A LOT of bananas! Plus there were like 5 other crates.
We picked out our meeting place at the finish line. The orange fish : ) Bet I look a lot worse tomorrow!

I will post sometime tomorrow night how I finish. I am going to enjoy it and run as fast as I can.