2012 Miles

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Plan

Well as I laid around Thursday night and sat in the ER getting fluids I seriously considered e-mailed the race directors and deferring my place until next year. BUT I never could bring myself to do it. Even when I spend the whole day Friday sick and then on Saturday when I was still living off of dry waffles and ginger ale I was thinking there is NO way I am running. BUT....

I have trained by butt off since the first of the year and I really want to go to Virginia this weekend to see my brother and his family. It will be a great trip with my mom and I get to see the ocean : ) I have no plans other than to cross the start line and the finish line. Any times/paces that I had in my head are out the window. I am just going to go enjoy the large race and the view of the ocean. Thanks so much to those people that commented and offered advice. I will blog one more time before I leave talking about all the goods I am taking.


  1. Yay to knocking off another state! :)

  2. woohoo - this is my first marathon...my only goal is to finish... and finish it running. I will look for the headband :)

  3. Hope the race goes well for you!! Sorry you aren't feeling well!

  4. I hope the race goes as planned for you and good luck, you be glad you decided to do it