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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Plan and Glad I don't bet : )

This week starts a new "plan".... I follow plans as well as my best ADHD kid : ) BUT I really need to work on other parts of my body besides my legs! The legs can run but my week core and no flexibility are killing me! I can not touch my toes and am inches away from it. I did P90X Yoga and well it was horrible. I need to stretch for like 8 hours a day to make improvements. So I have made a plan that addresses other areas of my body. I am also recording some of those cheesy Yoga workouts that can come on TV for the days I don't have over an hour to devote toward Tony and his Yoga. Here is the plan...

Sunday – Yoga and Run (5 miles @ 9:00 min pace)

Monday – Speed 5K and AB work

Tuesday- walk/yoga after class; when class is over 5 mile 9:30 run

Wednesday – 5-6 mile speed work/arms OR 8 mile run at 9:00-9:30 min pace

Thursday – Plyometrics 0r P90X cardio or Insanity

Friday- rest

Saturday – Long run

I have given myself options on most days but I really want to get in more other stuff than just running but I will need to get in plenty of running because....

Somebody is talking about ME running ANOTHER marathon on May 15h in Cleveland! Who would have such a crazy idea??? Okay it might be me : ) My friend Crystal bet me I would be registered for something by summer. Little did she know it would actually be a week and she should have put some money on it! BUT it is a great way to knock off an close by state and I get to stay with my friend Monica. She is running the half so it would be a good time. I think I am going to make it official tonight. I really want to do another one quick because I feel like I could have done better in Virginia. I think the illness and lack of running for 2 weeks really caught up with me. I had trained so hard and much faster than what my time showed. My "big" runs were all sub 9:30 up until the funeral and illness stuff happened. SO we shall see : )

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  1. ok this is probably a dumb ? but what is plyometrics? also, do you have p90x? i think i'm starting c25k over again and work on my speed that way. plus add some strength training in there too. maybe wii boxing after watching biggest loser and all the boxing they do.

  2. CLE!!!! Be there. Everybody's doing it. At least all the cool people. Like me.

  3. Do you do all of P90X? I only do the strength part of it, plyometrics if I have time, I tried Yoga X, its freaking hard and over 90 minutes of torture, I have insanity too, now that is tough, I can bike 50 miles with out blinking an eye, but 24 minutes of insanity leaves be sprawled out on the floor begging for mercy. Speaking of yoga, today I posted my first ever guest post and she is talking about yoga