2012 Miles

Monday, August 1, 2011

July Total!

I sat down today and did my total running miles for the month and it was 128! Super excited because that is close to my the highest ever. It would have been 10 miles higher but I had to do two 5 mile runs on an elliptical do to some daycare issues and heat (110 heat index, uh no!) I am hoping to knock out one more really strong month and get me to September 3rd then I will taper until September 18th.

However the 30+ miles per week are starting to cause my hips to be sore. Normal? Possible signs of an injury?? I do the Shred work outs which have the lunging and squatting but I try to keep the squatting and lunging to nothing that is pushing me to an uncomfortable level. It does not hurt when I run but I always have this I want to constantly stretch my hips at all times. It is more in the front of my hips; basically where my panty line is in the front. Great description huh?

Thoughts? Would a foam roller help?


  1. great mileage! especially that you are having one of your highest months in SUMMER! i've never had hips issues, so can't help there. if you're knees start hurting, then holla at me :)

  2. Its from the lungs and squats, you just have to keep strecthing