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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Running Over Time

Railroad Days 5K 2009
This is the summer I started running and this was the closest I came to breaking 30 minutes the whole summer. My first 5K at the beginning of the summer was over 42 minutes so this was a huge improvement but I knew I wanted to be faster. This is also the heaviest I had ever been in my adult life. Parker was 11 months old and I was still struggling to keep the baby weight off.
Railroad Days 5K 2010
Time: 24:28
Major PR for me! I had broke 30 mins at the first race of the summer but this was a PR by like 2 minutes. By this time I had completed 3 half marathons and was going strong with marathon training for Indianapolis which would be my first marathon. I was also finally back down to pre-pregnancy weight and staying there! Actually a little smaller since I was also training for a sprint tri at the same time as my marathon training.
Railroad Days 5K 2011
Time: 22:55
Another PR : ) This is a great course for that! Coming off the strongest running summer to date. I have now completed 3 marathons and I am registered for #4 in Pennsylvania. Back to my "typical" weight and maintaing very well. This is the fittest I have probably been my whole life and someone at the race actually commented on my arms!

It is amazing what running can do to your health, fitness and lifestyle! I wish everyone could find an active activity to make them happy and healthier. It has been a great 2+ years of running and am looking forward to many more years of running as long as my health and family will support the habit.


  1. Nice job! That is awesome

  2. LEAN MEAN RUNNING MACHINE. You should be so Proud I know how hard you have WORKED and the EFFORT this has taken and at the same time being a great mom. Your mom and me are both so PROUD of you and will always SUPPORT you. From a very proud stepdad LOVE YA Barry and PS your arms do like Bluff.

  3. so exciting!! you have really rocked your PR progress over the past 2 years!! omgosh, i totally agree on the last part.. it's amazing what running has done for both mental and physical!

  4. 8+ minute time shaving on 5k is sooooo freaking huge, congrats!!! I was reading this and I hope I can eventually figure out this running thing and do the same.

    Do I dare say "I think you will eventually be sub 20" I think you will.

  5. Awesome! You look great in the pictures!!